John L.

I would like to say that Morgan has been an incredible guide and support over the last few weeks in re-aligning my GI system. I randomly had some  weird pains due to indigestion and acid reflux. And for a second, I was  taking omperazole. I knew that I was just masking the real reason as to  why I was feeling this way. So I contacted Morgan and she gave me some  great ideas. First off, she assessed what I was doing and helped me add  healthier habits to my day. One of which, was to introduce apple cider  vinegar before my meals to adjust the acidity in my system. She also  helped me find healthy probiotics to add to my diet such as zero sugar  added plain yogurt and recommended the use of sauerkraut. Although its not everyone's  first go-to, this really worked for me.  It  helped my gut in about a week. I felt better and the indigestion went  away.   Morgan helped me fix the actual cause of my gut issues. It wasn't just a  band-aid until it got better.  It was an actual solution. I appreciate  her guidance and patience in the changes to my nutrition. I know  sometimes its difficult to make changes we're not used to, so I'm glad  she was there to offer her help and expertise in nutritional therapy.   I'll be consulting her more frequently if I ever have other issues that  may relate to my health and lifestyle. 

Thank you, Morgan!